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Es-service has designed the escalator step TK65 which also can be installed to any ET escalator. Starting from 2010 Es-service is supplying steps TK to the escalators ET for Helsinki metro (for today 10 escalators are already equipped with these steps). TK65 step has the series of advantages:

  • Step has the lowest tolerance of the major dimensions. This is provided by the technology of production – instead of multi-positioning stamping Es-service use high-accuracy rolling;
  • Step is assembled with high-quality new aluminum step-riser and combs;
  • Step-riser is produced according to EN-115 with the edge tooth;
  • Step core is produced from the metal 2mm width which prevents step core list from deformation in the places of casted details fixing and increase the life-time of the step itself;
  • The unit of the main roller fixing is done repairable due to replaceable pin usage;
  • The unit of the auxiliary roller is enforced to prevent appearance of the cracks and repairable due to replace ability of the auxiliary roller axis;
  • Body and edge comb is connected through the lock on the whole length which prevents edge comb from swelling;
  • Edge combs and body combs are fixed by the self-screws in special plastic dowels which prevents corruption;
  • Step-riser is designed on the chord which prevents layer corruption.

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