Operation speed decrease

Modernization with the reduction of operation speed includes:

  • Replacement of the engine to the engine with reduced power consumption;
  • Replacement of motor coupling.

For the escalators of high rise it is also necessary to replace pair of shafts in reducer.

Modernization with the operation speed reduction is implemented to achieve following goals:

  • Increase of safety of passengers transportation;
  • Reduction of escalator wear;
  • Increase of escalator operation efficiency due to higher-density passengers flow;
  • Increase of comfort of transportation through the reduction of vibration and noise;
  • Reduction of power consumption;
  • Easier service due to easier dismantling and installation of motor coupling.

As the result of modernization the escalator operation speed is reduced from 0,94m/s to 0,75 m/s.

All works and supply of spares are done “turn key”.

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