Emergency brake

Es-service has designed the project of modernization of emergency (auxiliary) brake of escalators ET-2(M) and ET-3(M) types — replacement of old emergency brake to normal-closed emergency brake Es-service with constant moment. Es-service emergency brakes are installed and successfully operating in Moscow and Saitn-Petersburg metros. The benefits of Es-service emergency brakes are as following:

  • Absence of the pair screw-washer (absence of ratchet) — makes easier to produce and to maintenance;
  • No screw-washer safety device is necessary;
  • Significant decrease of time for escalator operation recovery after emergency stop, auxiliary drive is not necessary for this;
  • Emergency brake stays active in the case of power supply failure;
  • Very reliable and very simple for service;
  • Emergency brake can be replaced in maintenance room without transportation to the factory.
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