The main designing and engineering units in Es-service is Specialized Escalator Design Department. The personal of the department is formed from the ex-employees of Kotlyakov factory who designed escalators of Russian type ET. Specialists of SEDD have participated in manufacturing and installation of escalators in all metro of ex-USSR. Today SEDD is achieving the most important target — designing of the new escalator types (TK, ES).

SEDD is providing the following designing and author control services:

  • Designing of escalators and their parts, designing escalator modernizations;
  • Expertise of escalators and their parts;
  • Consultation in all questions with regard of escalator service and maintenance;
  • Designing of special equipment necessary for complicated escalator works (installation, repair, modernization);
  • Audits of technical decision made by metro escalators departments;
  • Confirmation of the materials replacements and modernization which are requested by escalator owners.

Today such services are used by Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Helsinki and other metros.

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