Escalator monitoring device

Modernization of escalator monitoring device with the replacement of ROU and UKS to the new escalator monitoring device (escalator movement safety device) based on UKNS.

Device is designed to check the escalator operation speed and control it’ direction to prevent any emergency situation according to EN115 and Russian code PUBEE.

Special features

  • Provides control of the speed using 2 canals (contact type canal — on the main shaft and wireless canal — on the step chain);
  • During installation makes self-adjustment to the settings of the chosen escalator;
  • Keeps the information about emergencies, breaks and braking test results in power-supply independent memory.

Main functions

Activates emergency brake in the case of:

  • Operation speed fluctuation more then 20% from nominal speed;
  • Operation brakes malfunction;
  • Self-start of the escalator movement;
  • Change (reverse) of escalator movement direction.

Additional service functions of UKNS

  • Output of the current mode of the escalator operation (speed, direction, etc…);
  • Control and indication of the measurement results of braking distances in the gap from 200 to 2000mm with the tolerance ±20mm;
  • Keeping in memory and possibility to review information about the value of the braking distances, emergencies, their reasons, etc…;
  • PC compatible through USB.

The device is corresponding to the ГОСТ 17516.1-90 for the group of mechanical implementation М6 and ГОСТ 15150-69.

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