Es-service implements repair escalator works. We have huge experience in repair works in Petersburg, Moscow, Prague, Helsinki and other metros. One of the most prior works are capital repair works. If compared with the full replacement capital repair allows significant economy in financing, doesn’t need building works, closing of the station, complicated rigging and hoisting and is done in much shorter time with actually same impact. Most of the escalators are manufactured in Soviet times and designed to work for 50-60 years in the case of capital repairs each 10-15 years (depending on the load). Capital repair works includes:

  • Full replacement of steps and step chains (including replacement on TK steps);
  • Full replacement of all bearings of all shafts, electrical motors, handrail device;
  • Revision of emergency and operation brake, revision of motor;
  • Polishing or full replacement of step guides, replacement of weared ledge;
  • Regulation of step guides;
  • Revision of handrail truss with replacement of weared elements;
  • Revision of tension device with replacement of bearings;
  • Revision of metalware with replacement of corrupted elements and new painting;
  • Revision and repair of skirts, caniths, plinths and balustrade.

In the scope of works we could include modernizations of various escalators parts and elements — see modernization chapter.

Portfolio of repair projects

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