Es-service is licensed expert company which has the right to perform the expertise of escalators technical conditions and necessary scope of repair, modernization, service and maintenance works with the determination of remaining life-time. Our specialists has the validation of experts of the highest level in the field of escalator designing and manufacturing with the right to give the admittance for prolongation of escalator operation between capital repairs (depending of the results of expertise).

Es-service provides full scope of preparation works on the escalators to prepare them for periodical technical inspection by Rostechnadzor. Expertise includes:

  1. Revision of operational and emergency brake with the inspection and measuring of braking distances in regular and emergency mode;
  2. Revision of chains, steps, rollers, guides;
  3. Revision of landings;
  4. Revision of handrail and handrail device (truss, guides, wheels, etc…) and synchronization of handrail with steps movement;
  5. Revision of balustrade;
  6. Revision of electrical drive and operation station;
  7. Measuring of gaps and dimensions which are regulated by code;
  8. Revision of escalator operation from main and auxiliary drive.

Es-service also provides metalware expertise works (can be done separately). The goal of this expertise is to find the cracks and layer-separation in the main metalware, checking of welding, checking possible deformations, corruption, etc… In corrupted regions we implement ultra-sonic defectoscopy and width-measuring by special equipment. Based on the results Es-service provides repair works including metal welding, enforcement, painting, etc…

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